Regina Fan Expo

Thanks to everyone at Regina Fan Expo!!  We had a blast.  But I did forget to take any pictures.  Scarabs two is on it's way soon so make sure you check back soon.


Toronto Comic Con!!

I'll be at Toronto Comic Con March 18th-20th with a new Art Book for Sale!!!  Limited Edition to only 250 copies.  We'll also have advance copies of Scarabs available at the show so come by and stay hi. 

I'll also be taking commissions.

Hope to see you there,

Kickstarter Now Live!!

So far so good as the Kickstarter is well on it's way!  To help make this comic into print click on the link thanks,

Thanks everyone.

Lightning Boom!

Here's a Storm.....

Here's another example of what you can find this year at Thunder Con.  I'm taking Commissions for sketches which can be picked up at the Con on Sunday, Oct.25.   See the Store to register.